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No More Worrying About Your Loved Ones safety

For the kids of aging parents, the daily worry of if their parent is still healthy and not trapped is a daily fear. You make life much easier for everyone about, understanding the stairs now are considerably safer than before, and can greatly reduce this worry by adding a stair lift to the home,.

Potentially Avoid Life Threatening Injury

The stairway are one of the most dangerous places at home, as well as one drop can result in a serious injury that may greatly hinder you for years. By preventing falling on the stairway, you can add many added years to your life, and revel in your family and grandkids for considerably longer. Avoid breaking a hip, knee or spine using a fall down the stairway.

Make Stairs Safer

Going up and down the stairs is something which most aged people feel is the most dangerous element of their day. Having to balance and climb is a dangerous mixture, and can result in critically injuring yourself and falling. A stair lift can turn this into a fun and easy action, instead of one you worry.


Has the idea of having to construct an additional bedroom on the first floor or move to an individual floor dwelling crossed your mind?

Here at Cain’s Mobility OK , we understand that making home modifications may look out of the question, as it seems impossible or unaffordable. Our professional installers and staff simplify the process of staying mobile for the aged, handicapped, or briefly wounded inhabitants of Norman.

Maintain your Autonomy in Oklahoma, since the stairs do not have to confine which part of the house you go to.

No one likes to feel helpless. Suddenly needing to deal with restricting your moves as a consequence of a disability or older age can make you lose your confidence. It can decrease the quality of your own life. In order to quit letting those stairs destroy your day, that’s not necessary with new technologies which can be installed in your home.

A lot of folks face the tough choice of the way to continue enjoy greater rates of dignity and to live in their home when facing freedom restrictions. Even if our bodies change with age, our want to help you to get about and live an independent lifestyle sticks with us.

Getting to your own cozy bed or having to wait around for someone to help you in jobs that are routine can take its toll. The truth is, it is among the core values that caregivers focus on, making sure that they maintain esteem along with a good sense of dignity for a loved one facing these challenges.

No wonder, the desire for dignity and esteem actually develops stronger when a person becomes sick, challenged with freedom problems, or disabled.

It’s possible that you’ve already determined to live at home, rather than an assisted living facility, despite having to face a handicap or age-related challenge coming your way.

Perhaps you are unfamiliar with installing a stairlift can help you keep your accessibility to each area of your residence. The wonderful thing about living at home is that there are plenty of options and they are yours to make.

Relieving pain for the fastest growing section of the world’s population is part of what makes our communities supporting.

Pain does not have to be a normal process of aging, but physicians acknowledge that elderly patients often believe that it’s. Your daily actions can be impaired by pain and may interfere to your social life. Some even withdraw from actions and loved ones depending on just how much pain their continual state brought them on a daily basis. Millions of individuals suffer according to the American Pain Society and search for relief or several of them neglect to seek treatment.

By installing a stairlift in your Norman house, you can decrease your suffering and still remain mobile.

Maybe the pain will not go away completely and you still have to get yourself to talk to your doctor about how to recover control over your life. Meanwhile, a stairlift won’t fill you with anxiety every time you walk up the stairway. Seniors or those people who are challenged by freedom who sustain a fall-related injury often require lifelong care afterward, or worse, fully remove living independently.

A stairlift will remove the chances and also the fears that you’ll aggravate your pain.

With a stairlift, you will not have a debilitating fall.

Avoid becoming one of the millions of aged adults who sustain moderate to severe injuries when they lost their balance.

Now because you deserve options that can enhance your life, you can pursue your day-to-day actions with comfort and advantage and quit the excruciating painful journey.

Love on a regular basis, love and effort you’ve put into your house once more.

Our Oklahoma staff is prepared to give you a quotation and discuss your unique prerequisites for installing a stairlift in Norman, to set your nearest and dearest heads at ease and to enhance every day of your own life!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does it increase or decrease the value of my home?

The total value of your house won't depreciate. Should you plan on selling your Norman residence, realtors used to advocate that a stairlift be removed prior to putting your house on the Oklahoma market, yet given increased life expectancy, this is not any longer the case. You go or can even entirely remove the stairlift with no signs of installment when you need or want it. Realtors can list that the stairlift is a high utility value for disabled people and that the dwelling is appropriate for living that is accessible independent and when a purchaser needs it removed, then that possibility is offered by them.

2) About how long does it take to fully install one of these lifts in my Norman home?

A fitting can take between 1-2 hours for straight stairs. A Oklahoma professional will install the rail first, followed by the motor as well as the seat. Proper installation comprises walking you through the features of your new stairlift once it's been examined following the fitting. A fitting for a curved stairlift can take as much as a half day.

3) Can you apply for one of these lifts if you are on disability?

A person qualifies for Social Security disability benefits when they have worked in a job that was covered by Social Security and have a health condition which meets their definition of impairment. Benefits may be insured if you're injured or on handicap. Since SSI is a needs-based plan and an SSI recipient must have limited income and resources, eligibility for the Plan for Achieving Self-Support (PASS) allows a person who has a disability to achieve an occupational goal. The money that is set aside under a PASS may be used for anything that results in an occupational goal and may be used to cover home adjustments via an SSI savings strategy. It's possible for you to figure out more about PASS through your Oklahoma Social Security Administration office or call toll free 800 772 1213.

4) How much do stair lifts costs?

Based on Consumer Affairs, the very best nine stairlift brand names starting with the finest-rated contain: Accessible Building Acorn Stairlifts, Ascent Stairlifts, Silver Cross, Bruno, AmeriGlide, State Home Elevator, 101 Freedom and Stannah. Pros rate these suitability as a result of situation, and based on a variety of features, variables. Several firms usually do not publicize their costs since every staircase is different. Used stairlifts can cost under $2,000. Aid and rental programs are accessible. $6,000 and for a custom curved railing staircase prices are around $10,000. to for a straight flight of stairs seem to spend between $2,500 Some products are sold as complete packages including a guarantee and also installation, while others usually do not comprise installment in the purchase price. The shape of the stairwell, the span of work, the seat style, the path, and also the features you want determine the price.

5) Can the track be shortened?

Yes. The tracks can be corrected and also the length may be reduced. Nonetheless, using the correct personal protective gear is highly recommended. Some makers of stairlifts supply do-it-yourself cutting instructions. Hereis the catch. The track determines how nicely the stairlift will run. Making sure that you get the length of the staircase to correspond together with the track length is highly essential. Without appropriate measurements, you may discover the installment leads to more problems rather than relying on professional installers with experience. If you cut the courses erroneously, you might have trouble returning them depending on the return policy. Most manufacturing companies will only accept returns if the track has not yet been cut, because the cut of the track is custom. We highly advise that you cut the path yourself or do not install your own stairlift. It is not very safe. An incorrect shortening of the wrong length of track or the course can prove awfully dangerous, particularly when the track is not too long. If the individual who wants the stairlift steps off of the chair short of the ground floor or on top of the stairway, they can injure themselves. It's extremely important that the seat and the tracks work precisely. Accredited installers worry and will save you from lots of head aches and injuries that are terrible are prevented by potential.

6) Are there any structural modifications needed before installing a lift?

No. There are not any adjustments that are crucial since stairlifts do not attach to the wall. The stairlift is installed into existing stair treads. The one thing that we do advocate is that if you're planning to change the flooring or carpeting on your own stairs in the next five years, you may want to intend to do it before you install your stairlift to avoid future removal and re-installation costs.

7) How are these lifts fitted?

Making your purchase can entail a terrific deal of time, effort and decision-making once you consider which attributes matter most to you and all the different types of stairlifts that are available to you that will fit your requirements. When you've decided, fitting the lift entails making sure that the best attention is given to the system fitting properly so that you don't have to worry about its security or dependability. Your best option is to have it meet by certified Norman professionals. These certified professionals quantify pitch angle and the step heights to achieve correctness. The professional ascertain your stairway can be fit by the stairlift --and will go to the website--indoor or outdoor. They're going to fix the track with supports fixed to the staircase to the stairs. Often people wonder if it is connected to the wall, but the stairlift is right fitted through the floor covering of the stairs. If the stairwell is removed, your stairs is free of damage. The rail attachment points are reachable over the top of any carpet you may have on the steps.

8) How much do they weigh?

The units are not light, which is among the reasons we don't recommend trying to install them yourself. The lightest units available on the market weigh 165-180 pounds installed (chair and course). Some units weight over 250 pounds installed. Courses and seat assemblies come in various sizes and shapes and are created of different types of materials determined by its best attributes and the model.

9) How are they powered?

When you are not using the stairlift, you can conserve energy by turning it away with the remote also. Stairlifts come in both battery-powered (D/C) and electric (A/C) versions. One concern is whether you live in an area that experiences a great deal of power outages, since you do not need to be stranded mid-lift during a storm. (Yet, ask the manufacturer about the backup power system that should be contained in your version.) Also, consider the price of replacing the battery as well as the life of the battery. While some prefer electric models for reasons ranging from battery life to some device issues specific to battery versions, others favor battery powered stairlifts, since they could result in lower electric bills, although the expense of the electricity to control the stairlift has been considered negligible by the majority of manufacturers. You don't need to plug after every use in a battery charger, because the battery version still has a wall plug to maintain the battery charged. Another thing to consider is how mechanically inclined the user is, because casing and the seat on some versions must be removed and cables have to be disconnected and reconnected to fit the new battery. Ask for instructions and see whether it is something that you'll need to replace yourself. We'd be pleased to help you out. Make sure there is a spark plug within several feet of the elevator, if you decide on an electrical version. No specific outlets are essential.

10) Does AETNA cover the cost of these lifts?

No. Aetna bases this conclusion on whether several criteria are met. The Aetna member must be: (1) incapable of standing up from a regular armchair at home; (2) and must have severe arthritis of the hip or knee, or have serious neuromuscular disorder; (3) and the seat lift mechanism must be prescribed to effect improvement, or arrest or retard deterioration in the member's state; (4) and once standing, the member must possess the ability to ambulate. Then, Aetna would consider seat lift mechanisms medically necessary durable medical equipment (DME). Nonetheless, Aetna will not insure stairlifts because they are considered house changes. As described in the question that handles Medicare coverage of these medical devices, they basically follow Medicare's rules for aerodynamic lift mechanisms.

11) How do stair lifts work?

Basically, it is like riding in your own ski lift, minus the bitter cold. A safety belt keeps you firmly in place along with a foot rest prevents you from hitting on the steps while using the lift. Some stairlifts come with mounted call/send controls on the wall near the tracks for a user or a remote control can be used by you to send the seat where you want it to go. Occasionally the control panel is located on the seat arm. Become knowledgeable about the particular features of your unit. The lift consists of a motor, carriage, the control system, as well as your comfortable seat so that you could once more regain your mobility. Some models rely on a belt like a conveyor belt and a rack and pinion system is used by other models.

12) Why are they so expensive to install?

Above all, they help you every step of the way and include routine care. Open up any of the setup guides and you'll see a warning that strict adherence to the setup instructions is required and any small guarantee will be voided by any deviation and eliminate any chance you have of holding the manufacturer liable for any damage or accountability. Professional setup is significantly more efficient in the long-run when it comes to warranty, service and long-term care because they experienced at setup and are trained to follow security measures. The installer is getting paid to correctly install your unit so that you do not confront serious dangers that do result when an inexperienced man installs a stairlift and opens the manual for the first time. A Norman professional also understands the best way to make sure that the stairlift follows fire exit demands, the way to make sure that assure that all the proper functioning characteristics are enabled, and the charger connections are operating correctly to avoid serious accidents. The price you pay to really have a trusted and trained technician ensures the longevity of your purchase as well as your security. Repairs and re installations can take longer and cost more than a proper initial setup. Also, installation involves lifting a reasonable quantity of weight. Many setups can be finished in a few hours by a professional.

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