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Make Daily Life More Dignified

Bathing is something which most people do every single day. By making the daily cleaning of yourself easier, you are able to make your own life much more dignified, and a lot more satisfying understanding you can take good care of yourself, without the need of external help or nurses to do.

Make the Bathroom Much Less Dangerous

The toilet is among the very most dangerous areas in the house for elderly people. With a brand new walk in bath, you can make getting in and out of the shower much more stable and much safer every day. That reduces the risk of one of the most insecure rooms in the home.

No More Worrying Over the Ones You Love

You can worry much less about your nearest and dearest safety, by reducing the likelihood of slipping and falling in the bathroom. No more wondering if they are acceptable, or have fallen and can not get up. By adding mobility equipment, you can rest easier, knowing they aren’t in danger.

Broken Arrow

Is it true that the risk of falling and sliding in the toilet make you scared of living alone?

Here at Cain’s Mobility OK , we are proud to put in bathtubs and showers that have doors making bathing and showering not appreciably more difficult for the aged inhabitants of Broken Arrow.

Avoid Serious Injury which Could Shorten Your Lifespan Significantly

For many aged individuals living in Broken Arrow, bones could break, and greatly hinder freedom and exercise for many years to come. Every day, this inactivity and deficiency of ability to move can substantially reduce your lifespan and total happiness and independence you’ve got.

Among the simplest ways to prevent injury is in the restroom, with new mobility equipment that make the method of bathing significantly less dangerous than before.

Thus give our Broken Arrow team a call immediately to find out the way you can prevent serious injury like a busted hip, leg or back, and live for longer, and free.

Raise your Broken Arrow Home’s Resale Value to An Increasing Baby Boomer Population.

As more and more of the baby boomer population in Oklahoma are becoming elderly, freedom gear will become a larger and bigger selling point for the purchase of Broken Arrow houses.

By installing a walk-in tub in your Broken Arrow home, you will not only make daily living easier but would set up your dwelling to be valuable in the future.

Every walk in bathtub can greatly raise your Oklahoma home’s resale and allure to aging populations.

Give our Broken Arrow team a call to find out just how much your home’s resale value would grow from a new facility.

Stop Worrying about Slipping and Falling in the Restroom, and Get More Equilibrium and Balance.

Are you worried about your loved one getting in or out of the shower by themselves or yourself?

One of the greatest stresses for aged people living in Broken Arrow is the danger of sliding and falling when getting in or out of the shower. With excess water everywhere, and slick surfaces, it can be hard to maintain balance well enough to get in or out.

With a walk in bathtub, you can quit worrying about that possibility, as the bath process will be easy and safe once more.

You can now get in and out much simpler, and have significantly more balance and equilibrium, without having to step out over the side.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How much do walk-in bathtubs cost in Broken Arrow?

A walk-in tub in Broken Arrow generally ranges in price from $1,700 to over $30,000. The price also fluctuates depending on whether you select fiberglass or acrylic bathtubs. Everyone differs and making sure that a walk in tub works for a person's unique position is quite critical since it's usually replacing a bath or bathtub assembly that's not fulfilling their needs. A superb walk-in tub runs between installed. and $8,000 $3,000 Some suppliers provide a cash bonus or monthly obligations.

2) Can I convert my existing bathtub into a walk-in one?

Yes. There are instructions available on how exactly to convert your existing bathtub into a walk-in bath. We recommend that you simply understand just how to make use of the proper tools so that you just do not end up with a non-working tub. There are businesses in Broken Arrow that understand the way to turn your tub more disability as well as your home reachable for less of an investment than alternatives. As installers, we know just how to direct you in the right direction, so please ask us for a consultation so we can assist you in making your house fulfill your present needs, especially if you've recently become disabled or are providing an aged individual care-giving in their own house or your house.

3) How do walk-in tubs drain?

Some systems apply a gravitation just drainage system, while other makers offer power-assisted drainage systems. Normally, the drainage system in a walk in tub is attached to the normal bath drain, which is threaded into a flat pipe called a waste shoe. The shoe is sealed using a foam washer or putty under its flange. Comparing double drain alternatives to fast drain choices is important when considering that most walk in tubs take between 2 and 3 minutes to drain which necessitates the temperature in the room be comfortable while they wait. Some attributes may cost you more, therefore it is always a good idea to inquire. Finally, get to know the difference between frameless tubs since frameless baths often drain faster than framed baths, because they don't change the drain height of your existing bath and framed tubs. Framed baths are built on a steel framework as well as the base of the bath is suspended off the floor. Frameless baths are designed with an extra-strength form that really doesn't demand a steel framework and the bottom of the tub is not hung in the air.

4) What types of financing are available in Oklahoma if insurance doesn't cover home modifications?

The American Elder Care Research Organization lists several other financial assistance paths to take into account when searching for help to purchase your walk in bath. (1) The US Department of Agriculture helps low income and elderly residents of rural areas make home modifications to enable aging set up. The USA Rural Development program is also called the Section 504 program, the Very Low-Income Housing Repair program as well as the RD 504 Loan Program. The adjustments can include a walk in bathtub. There are geographical and age, income demands to participate. To learn more about the maximum numbers available, other limits and the best way to apply, visit and click on your state after you click on the 'Contact Us' link. Then, you can click on your own county along with a record of service centers including phone numbers will pop up. (2) For a non-Medicaid state financial assistance system for the elderly, you can check this list to find out whether there are any that include home modifications. (3) Rebuilding Together, a national nonprofit that can potentially offset the installation costs of a walk in tub, can be a great resource. Contact them at (4)There are other choices to consider. The IRS may decide your home adjustment qualifies for tax deductions as a dental and medical expense. There are also qualifications to be able to claim an individual who needs attention as a dependent. Phone the IRS to find out if you're able to deduct the cost of installing your walk in bathtub. IRS Publication 502 is a great resource that will help you judge whether altering your bathroom qualifies you to deduct it as a medical expense. You may also call them at (800) 829-1040. (5) The National Resource Center on Supportive Housing and Home Modification can also allow you to locate help to cover home modifications. Click here to find out more or (6) Some state housing finance agencies provide loan programs to help folks with disabilities or families living in a household with a member living with impairments including home modification programs that are part of the state Assistive Technology program. Just click here to learn more about this alternative

5) What sort of guarantees are there that these tubs won’t leak and damage my Broken Arrow house?

Consumer Affairs recommends that an owner that is original purchase a lifetime guarantee to give peace of mind to buyers about flows. Additionally, ask if the lifetime guarantee is extended to other owners as well. For most Oklahoma dwelling installations, this will likely be included for a set amount of years.

6) Can I choose the color / style to match my interior decoration?

Yes. Check with the makers about Oklahoma options. Colours that are uniform with most bathrooms are only offered by some. Selecting the right walk-in bathtub for you means discussing the number of styles, sizes and layouts to make sure it satisfies your own special needs and room requirements. You may need to pay an additional fee for a custom color, since most producers make tubs in white and cream.

7) Will AARP cover the cost of equipment and installation?

AARP is not a supplier of insurance, but contracts with insurers to make coverage available to AARP members. AARP doesn't make individuals health plan recommendations and does not cover the expense of walk in bathtubs or any well-being needs. AARP does provide accessibility to healthcare tools and coverage like other health plans and Medicare Supplement Insurance to members as a resource, but third parties provide member advantages. Check with the plans which are listed in Oklahoma under AARP's membership services.

8) Do these tubs drain normally?

Yes. Occasionally, however, it is necessary to change the plumbing depending on the positioning of the drains. Installers may need to add a fitting to the existing wastewater conduit for a walk-in tub. Existing pipes may allow for more rapid drain times or slower drain times.

9) How much is it for a cheaper walk-in bathtub?

A more economical basic variant of the walk-in bathtub can cost between $1,7000 and $3,000 in [

10) Can the shower be used still with a walk-in bathtub?

Yes. There are walk-in bath installations that offer you a large standing place for standup showers. You can shower sitting down or standing up. Make sure you get the appropriate dimensions for the walk-in bathtub so that you don't feel cramped during a stand up shower. Also, another thing to keep in mind is always to ask about the faucet location, since if your faucet is not directly against a wall, it is significantly more difficult to tap into your existing shower should you intend to maintain your standing shower.

11) Can I make one of these myself?

Yes, but most people don't start from scratch, they start with a bathtub conversion kit. There are instructions available on the best way to convert your existing bathtub into a walk in bath. We advise that you understand just how to make use of the tools that are right so that you don't end up with a non-working bathtub. There are firms that understand how to turn your house and your handicap that is tub more accessible for less of an investment than alternatives. As Oklahoma installers, we understand how to direct you in the correct course, so please ask us for a consultation so we can assist you to make your house fulfill your present wants, particularly if you have recently become disabled or are providing an aged individual care-giving in their own house or your house.

12) Why are these tubs so much more expensive than normal tubs?

Mainly you are paying for a listing of safety features which are not available on a regular bathtub. These safety features are built into walk-in bathtubs for persons with limited freedom to decrease the likelihood of falling down. Version wall heights are usually 37 to 47 inches tall and include a built-in shower seat, textured floor, grab bars, anti-scald valves, in-line heater, temperature controls, along with a watertight door. An essential aspect of walk in baths is that there's a low step threshold to allow a user to easily enter into the tub unconcerned regarding the typical high wall of a regular tub. The walk-in tubs also generally contain a cleaning function, jet treatment, and enhanced drain alternatives. Furthermore, among the reasons why the cost changes among the walk-in tubs is that the baths are custom made depending on someone 's needs rather than factory reproduced, so you can find a bathtub that's specifically made for someone who wants wheelchair access, a bath that fits a bigger individual, or a soaker tub with jets.

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